Thursday, 25 July 2013

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation - Sunway Scholarship

After what I've gone through, I've found out that they only expect to offer 1 scholarship to overseas student only for universities at the level of Cambridge/Harvard etc. They do offer a few scholarship for local unis especially their own uni (eg.Monash,Sunway). Scholars will be placed in the SMART programme upon graduation. Typically the bond should be 5 years with Sunway upon graduation.

There are 4 rounds/types of assessment.

Round 1

Application form + Essay. The essay was "Please tell us more about yourself that is not covered in the above sections/questions which you believe will assist the Scholarship Selection Committee in its decision. Your personal Statement should be not more than 400 words". Do take this opportunity to highlight the key aspects about you that they should consider.

Round 2

Interview. If you pass the interview you will proceed to round 3 on the same day. The interview is set for 1 hour per person. They really ask a lot questions and want to really get to know you in every way. One tip I can give is to be prepared knowing yourself well, your aspirations, your future plans, your course, details about experiences you have been through in your ECAs.

Round 3

English, mathematics and spatial test. If im not wrong these are the formats used.I think it was a total of like around 20ish sub questions. My advice is be careful with the time limit set.
English -
Maths -
Spatial -

Round 4 (Final)

There were 4 of us on the last round for this cycle. Apparently they shortlisted candidates in few cycles.

Part 1

They gave quite a lot of different pictures which had meanings depending on how you perceive them. They asked us to introduce ourselves and explain why we chose the picture. Try to give example of your experience if possible and relate to your explanation if possible.

Part 2

Individual presentation. They gave a case study about expanding a business abroad. They gave really a lot of  details. I think it was 30 minutes to prepare for presentation (mahjong paper and stuff) and like 10-15 mins to present and then there was a Q&A session after that. Know what you are talking about, because they will drill you a lot on the ideas that you have proposed. I felt time was the biggest constraint during this task.

Part 3

Group discussion. We sat in a circle and the assessors were seated in every corner watching us. We were given a value or two each to defend and propose in a new company. Then in the end we had to work together to decide on a few main values that the company will hold. I think in this session you should be tactful, able to give input as well as listen to what others have to say. There's no leader, but it may be possible to show your leadership ability by sort of steering the direction of the conversation, but be careful not to look too bossy. We were given some time to prepare before speaking.

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  1. Hello, Yang Gan. It's been very nice of you to write a post on the scholarship interview processes of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation-Sunway Group Scholarship. Thank you for posting and I hope that you're faring well in your studies! Best of luck in your future studies and career! =)